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After working as a painter for 3 years, Matt founded Larsen Painting in 1990. We have worked in Lincoln and the surrounding areas since then. Our most recent hire was in July of 2005 so our turnover is very low. Our lead man has been with us for 8 years. We don’t rely on seasonal or college-student workers. Our crew are all professional painters by choice & profession. This allows us to provide reliable professional, quality workmanship.

High-Quality Services We Provide For The Interior & Exterior Of The Home & Business Are:

  • Apply Quality Paint & Stain Finishes To Walls & Woodwork, Siding & Trim
  • Paint or Stain Custom Cabinets & Built-Ins
  • Apply Custom-Distressed Finish To Custom Cabinets & Built-Ins
  • Apply Protective & Attractive Epoxy Finish To Concrete Such As Garage Floors
  • Apply Textured Finishes & Glazes To Walls, Woodwork, Floors & Cabinets
  • Power-Wash & Re-finish Decking, Railings & Columns
  • Power-Wash & Re-Paint Exterior Commercial Metal/Block/Brick Buildings
Why Paint or Stain?
  • Add Value To Property
  • Protect Building Components
  • Add Longevity To Property
  • Increase Curb Appeal
  • Increase Visual Aesthetics
  • Update Décor For A Quicker Sale
Why Larsen Painting Inc.?
  • Free, Fast & Fair No-Obligation Estimates
  • Insured
  • Quality, Professional Service
  • Honest, Reliable, Trustworthy
  • Professional, Efficient, Experienced
  • Registered With The Nebraska Dept. of Labor As Required
  • Listed On The Nebraska Revenue Contractor Database As Required
  • Relationships With Gov’t Agencies, Vendors & Customers All In Good-Standing
  • Always Available & Responsive To Your Call
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed