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“Goings Homes has worked with Matt and Sandi Larsen, Larsen Painting, Inc., on all of our projects since 1998. Larsen’s quality and professionalism are second to none. I would recommend Larsen Painting to any builder or individual homeowner for their painting needs.”
— Mike Goings, President, Goings Homes

“Matt Larsen’s been a client of mine for many years. He runs a safe and efficient business.”
— Tom Engstrom, Mid-Alliance Insurance

“I really enjoyed Larsen Painting’s timely work and their willingness to work around my schedule. They came back to finish up when I needed them to prior to closing.”
— Jerry Divis, Heritage Villas, LLC

“As a designer, I find working with Matt Larsen and his crew one of the easiest parts of my job. Matt is professional, efficient and always willing to try whatever I might ask. I am always happy with the end result.”
— Ruth Zimmer, The Classic Giraffe